ООО “UralKomplektEnergoMash” 620078 Yekaterinburg, Kominterna str. 16, off 410, Russian Federation, 620078
Phone/fax: +7 (343) 222-79-77, +7 (343) 379-24-79
E-mail: info@ukenergomash.ru


Priorities of LLC "UralKomplectEnergoMash" are a guarantee of quality of delivered products and performed works, a high level of social responsibility and environmental safety.

UKEM's development concept and value system are based on responsibility to the consumers of our products and services. The relationship between UKEM and its partners is based on trust. We value our reputation and realize that trust is the result of a high level, professional organization of work in every aspect and at every stage.

Today "UKEM" is a team of professionals, which offers a set of ready-made engineering solutions for the design, organization of production and supply of equipment (pipeline valves, locking and regulating valves, mixing valves, actuators and actuating mechanisms for valves, pipeline parts, pumps and ventilation, automated control system) of any complexity for construction, reconstruction and repair of technological and pipeline systems of high, medium and low pressure, as well as ventilation systems for energy companies, oil and gas companies, manufacturers of oil and gas, mining and metallurgical industries.

  • designing and completing of objects;
  • selection of equipment and manufacturers, completing of ready projects, coordination of "replacements" of equipment with more efficient options;
  • equipment acquisition from the warehouse and under the order for scheduled and unscheduled repairs.

The UralKomplectEnergoMash group of companies includes a production area: serial production of pipeline valves (Russia):

  • Symmetrical (UKEM-D1), double eccentric (UKEM-D2), with triple eccentricity (UKEM-D3) valves
  • Round gates (UKEM-1) and rectangular (UKEM-4)
  • Shield gates (UKEM-5)
  • Bottom valves (UKEM-7)
  • Butterfly valves / gates valves UKEM-S
  • Pumping equipment KasPump

UKEM industrial equipment has all necessary permits and certificates.

A key element of our work is the development and coordination with the customer (design departments, services of chief technologists’ / power engineers), design institutes performing the design, engineering companies in the selection of optimal solutions in terms of price, quality and delivery time in the interests of the end user.

Briefly about the resource:

Site of the company is a technical catalog on products "UKEM" includes a complete list, and contains the most detailed technical description of the supplied industrial equipment.

The purpose of the site:

  • to tell in most detail about the company and the main activities of "UKEM".
  • to tell about the specifics of the supplied equipment;
  • to give full technical information, necessary for making decision on choice of equipment for designing, completing, repair and reconstruction of technological piping systems and ventilation systems;
  • to give the fullest possible picture of the main elements of process piping systems, ventilation systems.

UKEM, Yekaterinburg

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 +7 (343) 379-24-79 (77)
 skype: ukenergomash